Katrina Ezis


a front-end web developer.

a UX designer.

an interaction designer.

a UI designer.

What I do

Front-End Web Dev
UI/UX Design
Back-End Web Dev
User Research
Design Thinking

How I do it

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Java
  • XML, AJAX, JSON, SQL, Firebase
  • Adobe Photoshop, InVision, InDesign, Proto.io, Lucid Chart
  • Design Thinking, Wireframing, User-Centered Design, Rapid Prototyping


Explore your city through events that match your interests, while still being spontaneous. Pinpoint allows users to find events that are both near them and happening soon.

Pocket Hipster

Dubhacks 2015 First Runner Up. This sarcastic take on hipster poetry lets you upload a picture and will give you back a free-verse poem.

Dawg Coffee

A mobile-first website designed for an imaginary local coffee shop. The website is clean, simple, and reflects many aspects of modern website design.

Review a Hipster

A CRUD application for reviewing hipsters.

Well hello!

Now that you've seen a bit of my work, here's a little bit about me!

I'm currently an Informatics student at the University of Washington, Seattle. I'm originally from San Diego, but don't have a tan or gnarly surf skills to prove it. I'm a Teaching Assistant for INFO 200, a class that helps teach students the foundations of informatics through an information system design project and several other deliverables. I am also an instructor for Coding with Kids, where I teach little ones how to code using a fun program called Scratch. When I'm not at a school to learn or to teach, you might find me at a Start-Up Weekend or a Hackathon. I thrive in creative, collaborative environments; especially when I'm given a deadline and under a lot of pressure. To relax I enjoy sipping some tea, reading books, and going on hikes in places populated by pine trees.